Not posted a weekly digest in a while. It’s going to be a short one anyway


Still reading This Life by Marten Hägglund.


I’ve been listening to a lot of dance classics recently, a genre I’ve always kind of liked but never really embraced. The Prodigy, Groove Armada, Daft Punk, and so on.


  • Started the Fallout show (I’ve not played any of the games). Very stylish and well done, so far.
  • Watched the election debates and found them mostly boring. The BBC debate featuring all major parties showed just how indistinguishable Labour and Conversatives are at the moment, allowing Nigel Farage to easily attack both from the right. The only person who convincingly challenged the current Westminster consensus on immigration, foreign policy, and fiscal policy was Stephen Flynn of the SNP.

Other stuff

  • My son’s room now has a floor, just need to construct the furniture and move him in.
  • Picked up a Moonlander keyboard second hand