• Reviving rural railways with Monocab. This transport technology looks really cool. I can’t see it coming the Britain any time soon (our network is still largely non-electrified), but with public ownership of the railways just around the corner according to Starmer, who knows.
  • A Lesson From the Gymnasium. I enjoyed this post from Greg Morris sharing some wisdom from Marcus Aurelius.
  • CNN disgraces itself over Gaza. Owen Jones continuing to expose the media over its coverage of the atrocity in Gaza.
  • Simple, non-commercial, open source notes. I saw this when it first came out but was reminded of it earlier and how great it is. For those who love plaintext note-taking solutions — a highly entertaining trip down a rabbit hole.


  • Vegan Lachmajou. One of my favourite recipes. Super quick, high protein, with simple ingredients. Enjoy with flatbread, hummous, and a salad of finely diced tomatoes, cucumber, and perhaps vegan feta.

Up to much else?

  • I’ve been coding this week in my free time, so there’s not a lot of stuff here. I’ll be posting what I made soon.
  • Finished laying plywood upstairs. Next is to get down the underlay.
  • Did gardening for the first time. Dug out a space and put in a raised bed.
  • Crossword is nearly finished, hoping to publish soon.
  • Next week I’m running an Only Connect quiz at school.

That’s all for this week, thanks for reading.