Day 7: Wellbeing

    A few days of healthy meals ahead

    Black-and-white still-life photograph of three bell peppers, three onions, a bunch of beets, and a vine of tomatoes on a cutting board with a chef's knife lying close-by

    Day 6: windy

    Lucky it was quite a windy day today, eh?

    Day 5: Serene

    New Brighton, Merseyside

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    A black and white photo of a lighthouse with some rocks in the foreground. The clouds are slightly dark but the sea looks still.

    Day 4: Foliage

    Harsh sunlight on this day in Ness Gardens inspired me to photograph the plants up close in the shade

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    A close-up photograph of a bush. The branches are dense and short, each with a row of tiny, flat, pointed leaves on each side. The branches in the background are in shadow, giving a variety of tones. The photograph has been processed in a green-tinted monochrome

    Day 3: Card

    My wife drew this little boat a few years ago. I called him Douglas, and he has lived on my desk ever since

    A doodle of a little boat in a kawaii style on a wooden book stand

    Day 2: Flowers

    This arrangement was snapped at the Malvern Autumn Show last year

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    An arrangement of flower heads floating in a bowl of water from above. The flowers are mainly pink and purple, with some yellows to accent

    Let’s try the April photo challenge. Day 1: Toy

    For some this toy would be a collector’s item, for me he is a well-loved old friend

    A close-up "portrait" of a well-worn Steiff  bear
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